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Dancing with the Universe
By Jackie Lapin

As we embark on a New Year, we embrace new possibilities. Though the change from 2010 to 2011 is merely the dawn of a new day, it poses a symbolic opportunity to shed old habits, past thinking, emotional turmoil, unhealthy entanglements and all things negative, to begin anew. The beginning of a new year is the time for rebirth, unlimited dreams, soaring aspirations and new conscious creation.

I like to think of it as the time when we can begin Dancing with the Universe! The Universe is our partner in co-creation, the loving supporter of our dreams and the one who sweeps us off our feet in wonder when everything comes together in perfect measure! Just imagine the beauty of dancing to celestial music, embraced in love, whirling around and around in joy, with everything you desire materializing before your very eyes!

Envision Dancing with the Universe, going wherever your heart takes you, feeling fully open to everything, attracting goodness as you spin your magnetic dance, knowing that your divine partner will always keep you from misstep. What joy! What fun! As you step with such a light heart, there is a touch of stardust that alights from your dancing shoes and illuminates the cosmos! This stardust brings blessings to those you love and serve. Your joyful dancing uplifts everyone around you!

As you start this New Year, remember that your dance partner is just waiting for you. But you must leave the baggage behind so that you can dance freely and create beauty in your life. Dancing with the Universe is something we do IN THE MOMENT, aware that all things are possible, that we can and must break free of everything holding us back. The Universe offers no judgment, only love and support. No guilt. No shame. No need to feel “less-than.” We are in our fullness when Dancing with the Universe. We take on our partner’s EXPANSIVENESS!   

In this delicious dance, we dance for joy, for freedom, for health, for abundance, for peace, for wisdom, for passion, for guidance, for understanding, for tolerance, for celebration, for miracles, for connection, for oneness and for love.

So dance with abandon! Let your heart connect with your partner, the Universal spirit. Allow yourself to be led. Let your forward momentum open all doors. Know that each obstacle can be danced around and is only temporary, quickly a memory! See blue skies and rainbows everywhere you dance.

How do you prepare for the Universal Dance of Delight?

Know your goodness--release all thoughts of anything lessBe unlimited—go for the ultimate, let go of reason’s why not, can’t, should’s and fears Open to every gift and opportunity–be ready to say “yes!”Be trusting--the Universe will take you where you need to goAccept that everything has a reason—and that reason will ultimately be for your goodBe willing—Go forth boldly, make the first move, be the peacemaker, stand up for yourself…Be attuned to your intuition—Listen to your inner wisdom and act on itChoose the positive—in action, deed, word and companionsTake responsibility—You are your life’s creator, create well!Open your heart – embrace love in all forms, ways and places you can give it, and receive it

So soar through the heavens and the dimensions with your Universal partner. Make your steps echo with joy, wonder and passion. May your pas de deux be a celebration of your spirit, and the gateway to a bejeweled future.