Discerning the Universe at Work in Our Lives

Frequently we think that there is no rhyme or reason for the ways things occur in our lives. We, more or less, just keep moving forward without thinking too deeply about how things come together or why they don’t. But I think there is great joy, wonder and wisdom in seeing the invisible hand of the Universe in those actions that conspire to help us move forward.

Keep your eyes open and watch for the signs that the Universe is acting on your behalf. It’s actually a lot of fun, like a parlor game. And when you raise your frequency, then begin Consciously Creating, you’ll note a significant increase in these little miracles and how they just seem to appear. You’ll casually think you’d like to see something happen, and voilà! It does! These are simply delicious moments! But keep looking for the less obvious ones, too, to keep the delight in your life.

Here are some samples of what to watch for:

  • You have a need for a specific person or resource and it just appears out of nowhere.
  • You are pressed to get a project done and your schedule is too full—and then suddenly one of your projects fall out, so you now have the perfect amount of time to get the urgent project finished.
  • The parking lot is overfull, but just as you pull up to the front, one spot appears.
  • Somebody gives you a gift of something you really wanted, but couldn’t or wouldn’t buy for yourself.
  • Your roses bloom on the perfect day for the wedding shower you are throwing for 50 people.
  • You lose your seat on an airplane that gets overbooked, and the flight has to make an emergency landing, or you get stuck in traffic and have to take an alternate route, only to discover that if you had been traveling the original route at that exact time you would likely have become involved in a 10-car accident?
  • You go to the doctor for a small thing, but the doctor discovers something much bigger that would potentially have been critical to your health if not caught in time.
  • Somebody shows up and hands you tickets to a concert you’ve been dying to attend.
  • Your kids get exactly the minimum score that will allow you to get them into the school of their choice. One point less and they wouldn’t have made the cutoff.
  • You truly need a break and someone offers you their home at the beach for a few days.
  • You had plans, but they fell through. But then a friend calls at the last minute to invite you over for a small gathering and you meet the love of your life. Had your plans not cancelled, you never would have met your beloved.
  • You have a bill to pay, or staff paychecks that need to be written and you don’t have the funds in the bank. Suddenly, the money just shows up unexpectedly… the very day you need to have it.
  • You have a certain dress you’ve created in your mind that you would love to wear to a special occasion and you turn a corner in the mall, and there is something almost identical.
  • You make a business choice, but time and time again it doesn’t work out. When you finally make an alternate choice, everything proceeds beautifully. The obstacles pointed you back in the right direction.
  • You have an opportunity to hire someone, but all of a sudden the job funding disappears. You learn later this person went to another company and was a major headache.

These kinds of synchronicities are part of the fun of living in a Universe that recognizes your vibration and matches it to your need. And, that looks after your wellbeing. The Universe ultimately finds multiple ways to support you and your intentions. The true joy is being aware of these as more than coincidence and reveling in the wonder of it all!

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Since that book, Lapin has become a noted speaker, coach and transformational business consultant. Her mission is to turn millions of people into Conscious Creators, so that they consciously create their lives, rather than let life happen to them. A pioneering spirit who has succeeded at the highest levels of multiple careers, Lapin was one of the national’s first women sportswriters, and then became a nationally recognized media relations expert with a world-class client list for more than 30 years. The publicity she generated has sold millions of dollars worth of products and services and launched multi-million-dollar companies. Among her clients have been The World Poker Tour, Toyota, Upper Deck, The Golf Channel, the LA Marathon, Disney, Seagrams, Mazda, Avon, Showtime and PetSmart, among others.

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