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Energy Flows
By Jackie Lapin

Gerry Roberts, author of The Millionaire Mindset, reminds us that Energy Flows Where Concentration Goes.

It’s such a short, simple statement with such huge implications.

As we live each day, worrying about various matters in our lives—our finances, our relationships, our work, our self-image, our expectations, our fears and our failures—we frequently forget that by virtue of law of attraction, whatever we focus on manifests.

So what have you been thinking about today?

That’s a chilling question, isn’t it?

Where have your thoughts been wandering? What energy have you been directing and where? You know what in the deepest recesses of your mind has been engaging your attention. How much of that is uplifting, positive, visionary, joyful, hopeful and optimistic?
How much of it is expended toward belief in your success, confidence in your attainment of what you desire, wonder at the beauty around you or gratitude for whatever abundance that you currently have?

Whoops, did I catch you squandering your fabulous, powerful, remarkable energy on the wrong stuff?

So how do we make the unconscious conscious, and consistently point our energy toward that which we truly want to grow and expand?

Here are some helpful hints for habit change:

  • Create reminder systems. Put this phase on your screen saver—What are you thinking about right now? Send yourself hourly reminders on your cell phone. Tape those words on your computer screen frame, on your mirrors, on the doors of your house where you enter and exit. And especially, put them on your refrigerator!
  • Ask your partner or a close friend to remind you to check your negative concentration when you are lamenting anything about your life or expressing fear about the future. In fact, you can also perform this service for your friend in exchange.
  • Wherever you deal with or touch money (bill file, wallet, checks, checkbook, ATM card) put a sticker or note that is a reminder about how blessed and joyful you are to have this money, how you see it growing.
  • Set an intention before going to bed each night and upon awakening each day to shift your concentration to positive, expansive thoughts that will lead to abundance, blessings and growth.
  • Secure some audio recordings of guided visualization that will inspire you and keep you focused on positive goals, visions and desires for at least a half hour daily.
  • Tune into other people’s negative talk, and then quickly check in with yourself to see if you’re doing the same thing. Shift if you are. Becoming conscious of other people’s bad habits will remind you how unattractive and counterproductive it is when you do it. It’s very consciousness-raising.
  • Journal daily. When you have a negative thought, jot it down. Then put the positive counter-thought on paper. Do this throughout the day until you start to have more positive thoughts than negative ones and eventually, your journal outlives its usefulness as a tool for catching you in the act.
  • Hide reminders in your underwear drawer, in your file cabinet, in your car, in your briefcase, in your workout bag… What are you thinking about right now?
  • Give yourself a “Happy Hour” each day, where you simply think happy, aspirational thoughts. It’s much better than spending “happy hour” at local tavern! A great time to do this is during meditation, while exercising or out in nature.

Your attention and concentration are precious. They are not to be wasted on unconscious creations that lower the quality of life. Put them to good use where they belong!