Fear Controls, Love Allows

Fear Controls, Love Allows.

Once again, I turn to that wonderful book Journey Into Now by Leonard Jacobson for a profound observation that opens the flow of Conscious Creation energy.

Fear/Control = Obstruction, Restriction, Stagnation, Regression, Mistrust

Love/Allowing = Movement, Flow, Freedom, Progress, Expansion, Surrender

If you are like me, and you’ve spent the better part of your life compelled to take control of all aspects of your life to “insure” success—a true type A personality—than you have also known the consequences of compulsive control. You may feel that nothing would succeed without your tight-fisted control. But what has been the cost? You are overworked, perhaps underpaid for your efforts, tired and burned out, considered difficult by colleagues and coworkers, neglected your family, neglected yourself! Life has been difficult and challenging. Seldom do things happen easily. You may even have alienated those you love. You may well be unsatisfied with what you’ve achieved at this point in your life.

Fear-based control is the ultimate backfire. You make ground, only to lose ground. Fear attracts more fear. It attracts anger. It attracts all of those things you do fear.

But love…now that’s a different matter. Approaching all of the dealings in your personal and professional life from a standpoint of love is like plunking yourself down at the apex of the waterslide and going with the flow all the way down! Being in a state of allowing and appreciation enables the Universe to do the work for you. You open the spigot of love and problems/challenges seem to wash away much faster. There is so much less resistance and pushback from others. You have more time for a balanced life. You can really give yourself to family, friends and lovers. Relationships are a delight instead of an obligation. Your business and reputation grows through word-of-mouth, and you attract money and growth. You are always in some form of expansion in various aspects of your life. You find that you can Consciously Create easily and effortlessly and desires manifest far more quickly.

So the key here is to ask yourself, “Where am I coming from right now? Is it fear? Do I want control? Or is it love and can I trust and allow?”

What must you do to shift from fear to love, from control to allowing? Here are some things:

  • Release the need for a specific outcome
  • Release the need to know “how”
  • Release the need for everything to be perfect
  • Release the need for everyone to do things as you think it should be done
  • Release the fear that if you don’t do it, or control it, the outcome will not be satisfactory
  • Release the need to do things “by the book”
  • Release how you perceive a relationship should be
  • Open to letting others find their own way to help you succeed
  • Open to the fact that the Universe may know a better way
  • Open to the fact that where you are going may not be where you end up
  • Open to the fact that everything is an evolution, not an end game
  • Open to allowing new possibilities to light the way
  • Open to your intuition and your knowingness
  • Open to letting love, cooperation, appreciation and respect be your guiding actions, principles and emotions
  • Open to being accepting and tolerant of others and their ways
  • Open to the fact that everything is perfect as it is, and it is directing you in some way that will eventually become apparent
  • Open to letting things be
  • Open to embracing, rather than excluding
  • Open to change and whatever it brings
  • Open to just seeing where things go rather than having to know the destination
  • Open to living each day as it comes and enjoying the ride
  • Open to forgiveness and release
  • Open to new ways of doing things
  • Open to being guided, rather than guiding
  • Open to allowing a relationship to evolve without restraints and expectations
  • Open to helping others be the best they can be by simply supporting them, rather than doing for them
  • Open to allowing yourself to be who you really want to be or do what you want to do, rather than do what you feel you must
Find your new home in the state of Allowing, and you will always be on your way to peaceful happiness!

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