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Finding Wonder and Beauty Everywhere
by Jackie Lapin

As we rush through our daily lives, we are assaulted by problems to solve, challenges to overcome, tasks that must be handled, family that need attention, and relationships that require nurturing. There is so little time left for our souls to be fed the nectar that keeps them flourishing. What is that nectar? Wonder and beauty!

Whether we know it or not, each of us craves wonder and beauty. They are the color to our black and white lives…the embellishment that enthralls us and inspires us to soar!
Wonder and beauty are life’s cherry on the top of the Sundae! A moment of wonder and beauty stands out and for a second, takes our breath away. We can linger, or we can move on, but for that one amazing moment we are transported. Wonder and beauty inspire us to feel love and to feel that oneness with the Universe.

But with so little time to individually devote to the pursuit of beauty, we must instead find it and experience it everywhere we go, in all that we do.

Here are some of the ways that I experience wonder and beauty:

When the squirrels scatter around my yard to find and bury their acorns, climbing the tree to look me sweetly in the face through my window…the amazing first blush of my 280 roses in the spring…when I see the love between my brother and sister-in-law when they hold hands or kiss…when my friends call on Thanksgiving to tell me how much I mean to them…when I see a hot air balloon in the dawn and remember my incredibly fun days as expert crew…when someone startles me in a room of people by jumping up and saying, ‘I know you! I’ve read your book and it changed my life!”…when the Universe makes one of my unspoken desires manifest easily and effortlessly—and oftentimes quickly—talk about wonder!...when I make a new friend…when I see the hawks circling around my neighborhood and even land in my tree not 15 feet away…when I see a little girl laugh…when I look through a kaleidoscope…when I see a stunning mineral of great clarity…when the Santa Ana winds come and blow the Southern California skies crystal clear…when a new book entrances me…when I hear and see the trickling water from a fountain or waterfall…when a hummingbird hovers over my geraniums close enough to feel the whirr of its wings…when I see the brilliant fall color in trees…when I see a beautifully appointed holiday tree with stunning colored ornaments…when I hear wind chimes signing their beautiful music…

What brings wonder and beauty to your life on a daily basis? You’ll need to be looking for it so that your soul can absorb it! Here are some places to keep your eyes open:

  1. Nature—animals, birds, flowers, landscapes, water, beaches, mountains, trees, insects, sunsets, sunrises and weather, etc.
  2. People—faces, the beauty of relationships, loving connections, diversity, your relationship
  3. Generosity—of spirit, of gifts, of humanity, of concern for you
  4. The Universe’s grace—manifestations, synchronicities, people coming into your life who enrich it, sudden blessings
  5. Friends—people who love and support you, who tell you how much you mean to them, who are always there for you
  6. Color—artistic photos, flowers, holiday decorations, rainbows, beautiful clothing, vibrant color anywhere
  7. Travel—places, faces, artistry, history, vistas, culture, food, etc.
  8. Passions—whatever your hobbies and interests are
  9. Music and Sound—hearing music, playing it, singing it, hearing inspiring sounds
  10. Achievements and milestones—yours and other peoples’
  11. Community—your city or town, the people who serve it, people coming together to help others
  12. Surprises—unexpected beauty and wonder in anything!

May wonder and beauty find you everyday!