Supporting Each Other - The New Paradigm

The world that most of experienced as we were growing up was one of competition—competing for attention, competing for grades, competing in sports, competing for boyfriends/girlfriends, competing for high school/college recognition. And for many of us that continued into our professional lives—competing for jobs, clients, bosses’ acknowledgement and money.

And while it is often so that men are more to likely have taken on competition as a way of life, many women are still caught in that old paradigm despite our true innate desire to be collaborative instead of competitive. Competition is driven by the beliefs that there is not enough to go around and that someone must lose so that another can win.

This desire to excel at the expense of another, to simply outshine the field, or to make sure we get what we want regardless of others is the epitome of Separation…separation from the oneness, from ourselves, from all other beings, from our Source.

The desire and intention to see others rise WITH us is the essence of Oneness and Universal mindset. It is the New Paradigm.

Competition—the old way--is about self, about greed, about fear. Collaboration/mutual support—the new way--is about selflessness, about love and about faith in an abundance that can be created for all. It doesn’t ask us to give up our starpower so that others can be equally undistinguished. The New Paradigm asks us to strive to fuel the starpower in ourselves—AND others--regardless of whether we share the same pool of prospects, clients, jobs, money or love.

In supporting others instead of competing against them, we call in an energy of loving grace. The blessings accrue to both parties. The energetic wave of positive karma, bliss and compassion forges bonds and creates greater strength, greater success for both parties. It creates trust and a desire to reciprocate.

But wait now…you don’t think you’re competitive? See if you can see yourself in any of these scenarios:

  • You have to grab that last hot Christmas toy for YOUR child before someone else can reach for it.
  • You have one of those stickers on your car about your child being an honor student.
  • It’s down to the last cookie and you just have to have it before someone else grabs it!
  • You’re jealous of your workmate because the boss praised his performance.
  • You’re envious of the woman who is wearing that beautiful skirt that you wish was yours instead of hers.
  • You’re resentful because your best friend just got a raise, and you think you deserve one.
  • You wonder why someone had such great good fortune when you struggle to keep up.
  • You’ve got the (hot boyfriend/girlfriend, new car, great house—pick one) and you feel like you’ve just got to show off!
  • You feel threatened by someone who is in your same business because he/she may exceed your success or take clients away from you.
  • You got a great deal on a product or an item and you feel you’ve bested the vendor.
  • You position yourself as a conscious business practitioner, but in action you seek to serve yourself and your needs before others. You perceive others as threats, or competition or simply unworthy of your regard.

These are telltales signs that your default is sent on competition instead of collaboration/mutual support. If you’re not cheering for the other guy and all his/her successes, you’re the one who will lose. If you’re not looking to see how you can support your fellow workers or colleagues, than you won’t know the joy of gratitude, generosity, friendship, respect or admiration. Nor will you receive the support you need willingly from others when you are in need.

Here are some ways you can begin to shift your default mode to collaboration/mutual support:

  • Work collaboratively to support someone you would formerly have perceived to be a competitor—and do it without expectation of return.
  • Enjoy your good fortune and achievements, and be joyful for them, but refrain from throwing it in the face of others.
  • Stop yourself when you feel jealousy, resentment or envy—and shift into a state of appreciation for the other person, and know that good things are also coming your way.
  • Never be territorial on projects, protecting your own turf. Instead, welcome other coworkers, colleagues and associates and explore how the collaboration benefits the greater whole.
  • Don’t think of other people as ranking above or below you in perception. See all people as your equals and cheer for their successes as well as your own. Better yet, help them achieve their successes.
  • Manage your ego which wants you to always be a “winner.” Simply do your best and be happy with the results wherever they fall. Don’t measure yourself against others. If there’s no measuring stick, you can never fall short!
  • Be generous when there is a limited supply of something. Allow others to take “the last one.” You’ll be rewarded in other ways.
  • If you profess to live a conscious lifestyle or be a conscious business practitioner, than support others on your path and be cognizant when you fall out of alignment with this important principle.
  • Extend your New Paradigm thinking and actions to those in your family. This means your children and your spouse…and how they interact with the world around them. Help your kids choose sports where everyone plays, and to be good sports no matter the ending score. Help them understand the value of cheerleading for others, and joyful humility, rather than competing for grades or sports or the spotlight. Help your spouse to reframe his/her business life in view of the New Paradigm. And while you can be proud of your family members, let’s not exercise your pride at the expense of others.
  • When there is a choice between competition and collaboration, always choose collaboration and support.

There is great truth that rising water floats all boats, so be the watershed that brings about the abundant tide.


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