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When Someone Dies
By Jackie Lapin

It is always sad when someone we know or love leaves this dimension. We always grieve because we miss having them in our lives and we would have liked to have had more time with them.

Yet recently I’ve also heard people express anger or resentment that their loved one was cheated of more time due to medical misjudgment, choices that the patient made that may have hastened their death, or tragic circumstances. This type of recrimination, regret, rage and hindsight is not only damaging to the person who holds these beliefs and emotions, but it is pointless and energy draining. And frequently it poisons everyone around the believer.

The simple truth is that it was time for deceased to go.

Regardless of what MIGHT have happened, when one leaves this dimension, it is their choice. Even if it is a tiny baby. That person has fulfilled his or her destiny, lessons, or spiritual mission in this dimension at this time. When people begin a downward health spiral, one of two things is true—

  • He or she will respond and rebound because it is that individual’s destiny and commitment to complete more work in the present.
  • He or she will continue to decline no matter what occurs in terms of healthcare and judgment. This is because that person’s time here is complete in the cosmic consciousness.

Each of us has a unique and specific soul contract or destiny when we arrive in this dimension. Our everlasting spirit is tasked with learning lessons in this dimension so that it can evolve and grow in preparation for further ascension to higher levels of consciousness. Our spirit selects the human body and experience that will allow it to fulfill this task (or tasks) upon arrival in this dimension. We all have something to learn and experiences that make us grow…regardless of our upbringing, challenges or achievements.

But to those of us looking on from our third-dimension, personal self-focused perspective, we cannot know when our family, friends and loved one’s time or task has been completed. We only know that it seems too short…we believe that they had so many more years left, if only…..the other driver hadn’t been driving drunk, the doctors had made the right decision or made an earlier diagnosis, the person chose NOT to take the chemo, etc.

But you must let go of the “if onlys.” It only embitters you, stops you from moving forward, and prevents you from truly celebrating the life of the person who has left behind this dimension.

And why do I say “this dimension?” Because there is ample evidence in near-death research, mediums who can see those who have passed over, people who can feel the presence of loved ones in the room—that we are simply shedding our physical bodies, but continuing to live on in dimensions that most humans cannot perceive in our present consciousness.

Death merely describes a changed state of energy...we release the body that vibrates at a low rate of frequency, but our spirit, which vibrates at a much higher rate, continues on through infinity. Like the caterpillar, we shed the slow old mode of transportation so we can fly!

What is perceived as human death is the gateway to a greater freedom…simply a transition to a higher conscious state where we can see more, experience more joy, operate in multiple dimensions and sometimes even communicate with the living. Why fear it, when we simply continue on with greater expanded consciousness and greater connection with our other spiritual brethren and loved ones?

We are still us…we just cannot be seen by those in third-dimension consciousness. And we are moving on to our next soul contract or task in this dimension or elsewhere!